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OpenOffice Writer

OpenOffice Writer
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OpenOffice Writer

OpenOffice Writer is a lightweight application that allows you to view and edit Microsoft Word documents.

Unpublished text editor () () ((review-app-page-desktop);)); For a few days you have to create a quick document. The most prominent option for this is Microsoft Word. Or you can choose the simplest option, the quick option, the only functions necessary to perform the task quickly. OpenOffice Writer is one of those applications. With this application created by OpenOffice, you can easily do ittext documents take pictures or graphics. In addition, OpenOffice Writer is a useful tool for opening DOC files and other formats used by Microsoft Word. Now you do not have to select the Google Docs options line to open.

OpenOffice Writer is simple and efficient: it’s easy to click on the workspace and write, others include editing options (colors, fonts, and fonts). Macros, formulas or other complex functions. In fact, I rarely use the more. OpenOfficeWriterIt also works well with a good reader that opens up all kinds of documents.

Doing edgingsOpenOffice Writer is a great opportunity if you need to edit the ordinary document if it is urgent. Do not expect another Word alternative, but a small program that will work.